Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Split Decision: L.A. Parker Vs. Jeff Edelstein, round 1

Welcome to Split Decision!

In this weekly feature, found first in the print edition of The Trentonian every Wednesday, our two heavyweight columnists, L.A. Parker and Jeff Edelstein will square off against one another, with dueling columns on the same topic.

In the lead-up to each Tuesday, our writer agree on a topic then head off to their respective corners to pen their pieces. Then, each Wednesday, you'll get two unique takes on the same subject.

In our first take on this new feature, the guys settle on the topic of cell phone use in public.

In L.A.'s piece, he recounts an episode of public phone sex he overheard in a grocery store, while Jeff explains why no one should be allowed to use their phones in public...except him.

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